At Tara Mia we offer an array of massages.  Swedish is an all over relaxation massage.  Deep tissue is for when your body is holding a lot of tension and muscles feel like the are knotted.  Hot stone is a form of relation massage using hot stones to melt the tension away.

We also have pregnancy massage, couples massage, reflexology and add-on aroma therapy.

Swedish Massage

Facials, Peels & Waxing

Facials improve and rejuvenate the skin by deep cleansing, exfoliating, increasing circulation, detoxifying, relaxing nerves and muscles, stimulating skin functions and metabolish, slowing down premature aging, correcting conditions such as dryness, oiliness, or redness, softening fine lines and wrinkles, and treaing blemishes and minor acne.  Routine facials along with proper home regimens will produce a younger, smoother, more vibrant skin texture.


anti aging

The word has been used in reference to health care, supplements, diets, lifestyle and of course skin care. So, what is Anti-Aging?  Anti = Against, Aging = the process of growing old. Our fight against aging, especially in skin care, should start in our mid to late 20’s, when our skin is at its prime.  Anti-Aging at this point means managing a youthful look, as well as maintaining the functions of the skin (collagen & elastin production & hydration). Most skin care products are created to help with that maintenance and they are rightly called Anti-Aging Products.


Mineral Makeup

Tara Mia features make-up, which is the rage from coast to coast.  Mineral make-up creates flawless coverage, is long wearing and protective.  See our display at the receptionist area.  Schedule a free consulation with our skin care specialist to learn more.

Our mineral make-up works wonderfully with our moisterizers and sun screen.

Tara Mia also has mineral pressed blush powder, eye shadow, lip polishes, kabuki face brushes, and a wide assortment of make-up brushes.

Addionally we carry Blinc Kiss Me mascara which is an acrylic co-polymer product that will not smudge, smear or run.  Comes off with water, let soak, and mascara will form a tube around your lashes and with just a little pressure all the tubes come off without pulling on your skin.

Blinc also makes an eyebrow mousse and an eyeliner.

Blinc comes in an array of colors.

Try our Magic Juice for your lashes.  Lilash will grow your lashes longer and darker.

Spray Tanning

Regular............................................................................... $25
Rapid Tan (no overnight waiting)........................................ $28

Tan Lines

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